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Frequently Asked Questions
About chairs, organizers and discussants

How shall we indicate that there are two of us organizing the panel?

When submitting the proposal in the online system, be sure to include both co-organizers as Session Organizers under “Step 4. Add other participants”. Names will appear in the order they are submitted.

I'm organizing a panel and was wondering if the chair has to be one of the paper presenters of our panel or can he just perform as chair without presenting.

The chair does not have to present a paper.

Both of our co-chairs will present papers, but they will not necessarily be the first two papers on the panel. How should we indicate this?

The order in which you fill out the submission form is the same order that will appear in the Program Book. This does not have to be the same order in which the presentations are given.

Can I organize and chair two sessions, one a panel and the other a workshop/roundtable?

Yes, a panel organizer can also be a chair. The role of organizer does not count towards the two active role limit.

Can a panel organizer be included as chair/paper presenter in the same panel s/he organizes?

Yes, the organizer can also participate as chair and/or paper presenter in the same panel they organize.

Can a person organize two panels - even if they are presenting a paper in only one of them?

Yes, the same person can organize two panels and present in only one.

Is it mandatory to include a chair in each panel?

Yes, it is mandatory to include a chair in each panel.

Is it mandatory to include a discussant in each panel?

No, it is not mandatory to include a discussant in each panel.

Is there a maximum number of discussants?

Yes, the maximum number of discussants per panel is one.

See also Short Description of Roles.

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