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Latin American Studies Association (LASA)

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LASA Travel Grants Allocation Procedure

  1. Individual travel grant applications are received by LASA Secretariat by September 7th, 2016 (17:00 hours EDT) *For pre-arranged panels, the organizer cannot request travel grants for his/her participants. Each participant must apply for a grant individually. Co-authors must also each apply for their own grant.
  2. The following items are confirmed by LASA Secretariat per application: (If the following criteria is not met, the candidate will be removed from consideration)
    1. The candidate did not receive a travel grant in the last three congresses (2014, 2015 or 2016). *This includes candidates who were selected for a grant but did not attend the Congress to pick up the grant and failed to inform LASA before the congress. Also includes candidates selected who cancelled last minute and the grants were not able to be allocated to another participant.
    2. The candidate is presenting a paper at a panel (not a workshop)
    3. The candidate resides in Latin America (students and non-students), is a student (outside of Latin America), a U.S. non-tenured track professor or a professor outside of Latin America and the U.S.
    4. The candidate has provided all the information requested for evaluation
  3. The applications, along with the CVs, are grouped by tracks and sent to the Track Chairs/ Program Chairs/ Grants Committee for evaluation and ranking
    1. The candidates will be ranked according to merit/ quality of paper. The papers are evaluated based on the following criteria:
      1. Significance and appeal for the field and scholars in related fields.
      2. Clarity and coherence in the presentation of theme or argument.
      3. Compliance with submission instructions.
    2. Only candidates whose papers are accepted in the Congress will be considered for a Travel Grant
  4. The panels accepted, along with the Travel Grantees ranked, are sent to LASA Secretariat
  5. LASA Secretariat calculates the percentage of panels accepted compared to the number of panels proposed by track. For example, if 50 panels were accepted in the AGR track, from 100 panels proposed, the acceptance rate of panels for the AGR track was 50%.
  6. The percentage of panels accepted is utilized to calculate the percentage of travel grants awarded. The awarding of travel grants is guided by the ranking list that the Grant Committee/Track Chairs and Program Chairs provided. For example, from the example above, the top 50% of the total travel grant proposals in the AGR track will be accepted and will receive a travel grant. This same exercise is repeated per track to proportionately assign grants according to the size/acceptance rate of panels of each track.
  7. Notifications of travel grant acceptances are sent to participants by by January 20th, 2017. Participants are requested to accept the travel grant. If the travel grant is not accepted, it will be given to the next candidate in line. Grants are not given to anyone who is not on the list. Additionally, LASA Secretariat will always honor the ranking of the travel grants and will not assign grants based on requests.
  8. All funds are allocated until there are no more funds available. If a participant cancels their participation, the grant money is assigned to the next candidate on the list.

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